It’s also one of the very rare films that I’ve ever seen, I think, that celebrate female rage, a certain kind of violence perpetrated by a woman. Like, yes, there are movies about female serial killers and other kinds of truly evil women, but I can’t remember the last time I saw an American movie where an American woman washed off blood in a shower and the blood wasn’t hers. Where the blood was the blood of a man who maybe didn’t deserve to die, but who certainly wasn’t innocent; a former boyfriend that wanted to control everything about Amy, to keep her safely locked up in his ideal version of her.

What the movie really highlights, and I think even more so than the book, is that Amy has spent her whole life living someone else’s story: first as a character in her parent’s books, as the right kind of sexually available woman (as described in her infamous ‘Cool Girl’ monologue, a testament to Gillian Flynn’s incredible ability to pinpoint a certain kind of anti-feminist feminist screed directed at other women as well as the patriarchal culture that creates those women), as the right kind of girlfriend, and it’s her role as the right kind of wife that does finally undo her.

- 'Til Death Do Us Part - Haley Mlotek on Gone Girl (via wmilam)

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If you are a fan of Wizard Rock, Joey Richter (A Very Potter Musical) or Mary Kate Wiles (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries) then you should so check this out. Also Yulin Kuang in an amazing director and you should check out all her content on her channel

I Ship It | 2014 | Yulin Kuang I Mary Kate Wiles, Sean Persaud, Joey Ric…

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Pocket Doctor.

Tell me the truth. How long have you been dreaming of that, you official Doctor Who crew?

I bet every one in Doctor Who is a fan of Doctor Who.

Clara becomes the Doctor? - ‘Flatline’ Preview - Doctor Who Series 8 - BBC
“Please don’t do that, that’s just wrong.”

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